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keyboard_backspace Baker Lease

United Oil & Gas acquired this lease in 2016 and has finished the re-development of its production.   

This 640 acre lease consists of 5 oil wells and 1 water injection well, all completed in the Cook Sand. The wells were originally drilled in the mid-eighties. There is one more potential drill site for an additional Cook well. 

Next steps

 There have been two wells drilled into the Bend Conglomerate nearby and they have proven to be very productive. A test of the Bend Conglomerate on the Baker Lease is currently being evaluated by our geologist.  


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Safety and compliance with environmental guidelines are of the highest priority at United Oil & Gas. To provide a safe and clean working environment protects our employees and nature. 

Summary activities 

 The Q4 video update provides a summary of United Oil & Gas' activities in the fourth quarter of 2017, as well as an outlook for the planned work in early 2018. 


We are committed to developing the Project in an environmentally responsible manner.