United Oil & Gas

Projects and future plans

The mission of United Oil & Gas Corp. is to increase shareholder value by producing its existing resources while continuously expanding its proven reserves.

Professional, established partners for maximum shareholder-value.

The corporate strategy is to deploy capital into low risk, near term cash flowing projects and to expand its oil and gas reserves substantially. 


Our experience and success

Our cooperation with established, local partners enables us to keep our operating costs low. From drilling to logistics – we invest in our partners and our production facilities, not in costly structures and overhead. This way we can make sure to always stay on the leading edge of technology while keeping our capital costs and depreciations low.  

Future plans

United Oil & Gas Corp.’s management and scientific team strive to increase the company’s value by carefully selecting projects and effectively managing costs. To minimize risk, United Oil & Gas Corp. focuses on projects that are already sufficiently analyzed by geologists and meet its rigorous technical standards. United Oil & Gas will continue to grow oil & gas reserves by developing its oil fields and acquiring new ones to increase shareholder value.


In the 1950’s, Magnolia Oil Company (“Exxon Mobil Corporation”) drilled a discovery well in Callahan County, Texas – this was the beginning of the famous Red Horse Field.